A unique method for maximum impact on the long-term

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The first step is to complete the flash analysis.
Then, 3E Services will evaluate if your organisation is eligible for funding opportunities.
If so, a contract will be offered.
This is a signed agreement between your organisation and 3E Services with the aim of setting up a long term partnership.
This contract settles the strictest rules of confidentiality.
The contract becomes effective with the payment on a single fee (this amount varies according to the organisation)
3E Services will start researching funds for your projects.
You will be kept up to date about all new funds available.
We make a global audit of your organisation in order to have a global view of funding opportunities for which you are eligible (grants, repayable advances, tax exemptions, soft loans, etc).
For 25 years, we have optimized funding applications in order to help your business succeed.
We also manage the different funding requests in order to provide quality service.
If and only if an application is successful, our service cost will be based on a percentage of the granted amount (in accordance to the previous agreement).

Do you have new projects coming in 1, 6, 12, 24 months? We will proceed with the application without additional cost
(Compensation based on results).

Would you like to have a FREE evaluation of your organisation ?